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  2. Kathy Says:

    Hi Patricia in Japan. I read you comments on the ADR blog. I make animal fat soap.


    • patriciaormsby Says:

      Why thank you, Kathy! As you can see, I haven’t done anything with this blog. I tried to upload a photo, but it didn’t seem to go.

      • Kathy Says:

        Here’s the recipe:

        907 g lard (pig)
        1814 g tallow (beef/sheep/goat)
        1034 g water
        340 g sodium hydroxide (lye)

        Makes 9 lbs. of soap. Mold size: 20″ X 14″ X 2″ You easily have the recipe and use a smaller mold. Approximately 24 hrs. to set up enough to cut.

        Gives a hard but gentle soap. You can’t get sodium hydroxide from wood ashes but instead it is made from seaweed ashes and gives a hard soap. The lye from wood ashes is mostly potassium hydroxide and it gives a soft soap so is used for liquid soaps. The pioneers with their lye made from ash did have a problem with soft soap.

        Let me know if you need directions on making the soap. Lots of info on that but not much on using pure animal fats and no oils.

        Hope this is what you are looking for!


  3. patriciaormsby Says:

    The information about seaweed ash versus hardwood ash is new to me and very useful. Getting the lye is going to be the bottleneck for me, but I’ll go forward with this and print out the recipe for reference.


  4. inohuri Says:

    Cinnamon is also toxic. The bad coumarin extracts into oil if I recall correctly. Water extract is safe. Wish I had kept a link.

    For a high certainty experiment with silicon try Biosil. It is essentially a pharmaceutical. The early version tasted bad with preservatives but it did work.

    My second choice for silicon is Oat Straw. When I first started Oat Straw baths I could only tolerate a decocted a hand full. I eventually went to a feed store and bought a bale. I used maybe 1/4th of it. A large decocted pot was no longer enough.

    Could not find anything in Kampo.
    Other sources had side effects or toxicity or cost. Horsetail is not suitable for long term use. It contains nicotine and an anti enzyme for a vitamin function etc.
    Dulse and seaweed have silicon but they are limited by iodine, and sometimes arsenic.

    • patriciaormsby Says:

      Thank you, Inohuri! It’s good to see you here. I ought to put up a few posts.

      I am aware of cinnamon toxicity. If I take too much of it internally for too long, I start showing liver problems. What I am doing is putting on my face and neck and other public bits of me only about as much as would go into the average cinnamon bun (which I don’ eat), and just once a week, or as soon as I remember it. But I could try a water-based paste. Turmeric is liver-protective, but needs oil. It may be the reason for the combination.
      It may be the Japanese diet that provides then enough silica. Silica’s never talked about here. Their diet is full of vegetables, including lots of seaweed. The women age well here, and part of it is they keep out of the sun. But osteoporosis is prominent, and was my biggest concern going into menopause. I finally scheduled an appointment to get my bone density tested. My backbone’s stronger than the average 20-year-old’s. Hips a little less, but way above what is normal for my age.
      The main thing I was considering make up for was my eyes. The reason was I appeared on TV recently (a lot different from looking in a mirror), and they focused up close on my non-Japanese eyes with my sparse eyelashes. (Decades of barely controlled trichotillomania.) That embarrassed me. But I have yet to hear comments to this effect from anyone, so it is not a pressing issue.

  5. inohuri Says:

    This seems to be the only group that is dedicated to silicon.

    I read the Birchall papers about 1994. Funded by the evil Ciba as I recall.

    Bioinorganic Chemistry of Aluminium & Silicon – Keele University


    Chris Exley is their leader. Several videos on youtube pushing silicon – or perhaps I should say mineral water. He thinks the stuff I use should be useless. Mineral water contains other minerals such as zinc which assists my autoimmunities. (Adaptogens such as ashwagandha and reishi crash my immune system.)

    I have no idea how old he is but check out his skin. Fiji Water is the choice for him.


    • patriciaormsby Says:

      I’ll have to look into the silica content of our local water. People come from all over to collect the water here because it contains minerals that are hard to obtain, such as vanadium. Japanese love hot springs and bathe in them frequently. We go about once a week.

  6. Andrew Says:

    Hello, Patricia. I saw your comment about painful shyness today on the Ecosophia blog. I’m a member of the DOGD, and also a member of Toastmasters. My club has several boisterous loudmouths, a couple of stutterers, a few painfully shy folks… and everyone has improved in the Toastmasters program as speakers and conversationalists. It’s really quite well designed… and an improved version of the program has been rolling out worldwide over the last three years.

    It may not be for you. But I invite you to check whether there’s a club near you, and to give it a try — consider it a practical foray into rhetorical education. 😉

    In the meantime, thank you for what you do.

    • patriciaormsby Says:

      Thank you for your kind message, Andrew. You’ll have to tell me what DOGD is. Google shows me photos of cute puppies. Toastmasters would be such good idea–if only I had access to them! I am too remote from Tokyo, where I’m sure I could find them, probably near Yokota Air Base. They sound so nice. I haven’t spoken enough to know if I am a stutterer, but have wondered if I were in a wealthy family if I’d have been labeled that. Maybe I’m just hesitant No on has remarked, but then why would they?
      I’ve been featured on Japanese TV along with the other foreign Shinto priestess and will eagerly face the cameras with her again in a couple of weeks for national broadcast. Japan s not going “nationalist,” like we hear about in Europe, but like elsewhere, the young are beginning to look toward their roots again, and where foreigners have come in and reaffirmed the value of those roots, it seems to hold a fascination now that was absent for at least the past thirty years. My message is that it is a way to seek out happiness and meaning in a different direction in a world where that is becoming harder to find due to resource constraints. Of course, Japan’s traditions also have much to inform us all of sustainability.
      Actually, our third priest is a retired school teacher, and gave me good advice before when I spoke, and that speech went over quite well. In Japan, shyness and hesitance are seen as virtues, so my awkwardness might not be as big a drawback as I think. I compare myself to the other priestess, Cait, from Australia, and she is fluent and confident. Still, they seem to give us nearly equal airtime.

      • Andrew Says:

        DOGD = Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn, John Michael Greer’s organization. I did a quick search for clubs in Japan — and of course, most of the 187 clubs are in and around Tokyo, Osaka, and in the south and west…. many fewer up north, only one even near Sapporo.

  7. patriciaormsby Says:

    Yes, I just had a look, too, and while they aren’t in our city (Fujinomiya),there is one that is surprisingly close, given that I thought this would be related to American facilities (there is an American base near Mt. Fuji, but this doesn’t seem related). They appear to be Japanese, but emphasize speech in both Japanese and English. https://mishima-tmc.jimdo.com/what-is-mishima-toastmasters-club/ They’d probably be thrilled to have me there. I’m busy every Sunday this month, and early next month, and it’s still an hour and a half away, but given what’s going on in my life, maybe I really owe it to myself to visit them as soon as I can.
    In the meantime, I’m wondering if what I heard about years ago–standing in front of a mirror and practicing reciting my key spiel–would be worthwhile because I face the cameras again rather soon and one of the things I disliked about myself the last time was my posture.

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